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10 Places for Very Sunny Christmas Holidays! Tell Us Your Favorite!

Instead of let it snow, we have let the sunshine in, instead of a Christmas tree, we have palm trees, instead of winter wonderland, we have summer paradise. That kind of Christmas we are going to talk about now.

10 Places For Very Sunny Christmas Holidays 6

Being stuck in the snow, and freezing at a below zero temperature on a cloudy day, this year we opted for a sunny Christmas full of fun possibilities that do not include walking on thin ice and possibly breaking a leg. Therefore, we decided to share with you the best 10 places for very sunny Christmas holidays!

1. Costa Rica – 10 Places for Very Sunny Christmas Holidays

Costa Rica 10 Places For Very Sunny Christmas Holidays 1

Sunny Christmas doesn’t include only warm weather, sunbathing and bathing in the warm waters. It means fiesta!!! Christmas in Costa Rica is filled with Latino passion, foods, and way of living. So, here, not only you get to experience a bullfight (no one gets hurt), but you also get to experience Fiesta de la Luz and Fiesta de Zapote.

Costa Rica 10 Places For Very Sunny Christmas Holidays 3

The first one is a kind of a carnival, with live entertainment and fireworks, while the other one is more of a Christmas market where you can go to any of the portable bars and listening to the live bands, or performers and maybe even dancing. Which one to choose? We would say both!

2. Goa, India – 10 Places for Very Sunny Christmas Holidays

Goa India 10 Places For Very Sunny Christmas Holidays 1

Here you also have two alternatives. For the more traditional – you have midnight mass, for the most progressive- you have the sound of the bass. Goa itself is a magnificent place and watching the New Year’s firework on the beach with your loved one may be enough. But, if you happen to go there, bear in mind that even though the weather in Goa is not like the one we are used to during the holidays, these days are marked with the usual decorations, festivities, celebrations etc.

Goa India 10 Places For Very Sunny Christmas Holidays 3

For the religious there is a midnight mass organized everyone is allowed to attend. What is rather exciting is the amazing Sunburn Music Festival that takes place in Goa from the 27th until the 30th of December on the beaches of Vagator where you can hear and have fun with the global electronic crème de la crème. Let me see you say no to that!

3. Kauai, Hawaii – 10 Places for Very Sunny Christmas Holidays

Kauai, Hawaii 10 Places for Very Sunny Christmas Holidays 1

First of all, it is in part of the Hawaii islands in the Central Pacific. I don’t think that this place is often mentioned, so we wanted to clear that out so that you do not end up in Bermuda. Kauai has fascinating nature, and the heart-stopping sunset you will never get enough. The sunny Christmas you will have can also be a sporty Christmas.

Kauai, Hawaii 10 Places for Very Sunny Christmas Holidays 2

This is an ideal place for those who either adore or cannot live without sporting, or those who’ve been couch potatoes during the year with excuses they did not have time to exercise. Biking in canyons, sea paddling, river paddling, zip lines are just some of the things the island offers. During Christmas time it also organizes hula concerts and the Festival of lights which is open every Friday from the 2nd until the 24th of December, from 6-8 p.m. Do not miss the tropical adventures of Santa Claus.

4. United Arab Emirates – 10 Places for Very Sunny Christmas Holidays

United Arab Emirates 10 Places For Very Sunny Christmas Holidays

It may be an Islamic country, but, believe us; it definitely is among the best decorated Christmas places in the world. Huge Christmas trees stand high next to the billions of presents, foods and drinks. In huge amounts. The Arabic world has adjusted to the needs of the tourists coming in this time of the year, so here you have absolutely everything you want.

You want warm weather?- Go for a stroll outside. You want winter sports?- Go in one of the enormous malls and enjoy a ski ride in the closed places with artificial snow. You want luxurious lifestyle?- Go to the high society ballet performances. You want a wild fun time in the sand?- Go in the near desert and see how desert people celebrate Christmas. You want everything?- Go to the United Arab Emirates.

5. Thailand – 10 Places for Very Sunny Christmas Holidays

Thailand 10 Places for very sunny Christmas holidays

We came to something completely different. No jingle, no bells, no kitsch, just you and the nature. Thailand for Christmas is a perfect place for escaping the ordinary. Normally, here you get the chance to immerse in the secrets of Buddhism in the majestic temples.

Thailand 10 Places for very sunny Christmas holidays 2

Furthermore, while in Bangkok you go to Kharo San Road for some dancing. Then you go North for a little bit of elephant safari and national parks, you turn to Pattaya for a bath in the azure water and a stroll on the flour- like beaches and the rich nightlife. At the end, you go back home with memories of the most unforgettable and unusual Christmas you’ve ever had.


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  1. To be honest it was very painful for me go through this post 😀 Ive been dreaming of spending Christmas on the beach since I was little girl. But its too hard for me to choose as I also wanna go home and spend this time with my family 😀 Where did you spent this Christmas?

  2. Nice list! I’m spending this winter in Tofino, BC and it just happens to be sunny today (Christmas). While it’s not warm, it’s one of the few spots in Canada where the temperatures stay above freezing for most of the year and has limited snow. We were also given a trip to Hawaii from my parents which we’ll be enjoying in April, so it was good to see that spot on the list, too!

  3. I was wondering if you would have Philippines on the list. One of the longest Christmas celebrations in the world but my husband’s family never really did anything to celebrate it at all!

  4. Living in the northern hemisphere, I always spent Christmas in snowy and cold days, so I am growing the idea to spend Christmas where the sun shines once in life.
    I went through all your options, and the Cayman Islands, thanks to the pictures, is the one that made me wonder the most!
    Still, I think that seeing people on the beach with Santa’s hat could be quite odd 🙂
    Where did you spend your Christmas??

  5. All great locations! From these I would definitely love to visit Hawaii! Been dreaming about it for a while! I am surprised you didnt include Australia in the list, because Christmas is big here down under! Thanks for sharing your top picks with us!

    • Thank you Kreete for your comment 🙂 Of course Australia is a must-visit for Christmas. We just wanted to include less popular places 🙂

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