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Super Helpful Video! These 12 Travel Packing Tips Will Save You Space and Nerves!

12 Travel Packing Tips Howdini Hacks 4 Test

Packing is probably the most nerve racking part of every travel adventure. There is always that “take more or carry less” dilemma before opening the suitcase. But, once you decide and write a list of what to take, you end up with not having space for few more important things. Ok, you have to reorder the clothes. You empty the suitcase, repeat the same process, when again you do not have the required space. We have all experienced something similar as this and therefore we wanted to share with you the video with the best travel packing tips which can save you time, space and some of your beauty.

12 Travel Packing Tips Howdini hacks 2

Travel Packing Tips That Will Save You Space & Nerves!

The first old rule that starts this array of the best travel packing tips is related to the way we put our clothes in the baggage. This video by Howdini also reveals the correct order of stuffing your suitcase. You must remember that rolling your clothes saves a lot of space in the suitcase, no matter how odd it may sound to you. So first, you start with putting your underwear in plastic bags which are then can be put in your sneakers or shoes. This is a very smart idea of using the limited space. After you put the shoes and the clothes, you fill the other gaps with smaller clothes such as t-shirts and camisoles. You finish the packing with jackets, jeans and dresses which are put in layers in an overlapping formation.

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The next travel packing tips of this video will help you deal with other delicate things that are necessary on every vacation such as cosmetics, jewelry, etc. Instead of carrying hard-copy books and magazines, go digital and install the applications that will offer you a great number of e-books and electronic newspapers. For more details watch the video below and share it with your friends. If you have a tip to add, feel free to write your comment below!

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