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Before & After: The Azure Window in Malta! It Collapsed after a Heavy Storm!

Heartbreaking news everybody! The world’s most beloved place of photographers and travel enthusiasts has just disappeared due to heavy weather conditions.

before after Azure Window in Malta collapse 11

The people from all over the country and the whole World as well, are very sad to see the Azure Window in Malta go. The perishing of the iconic limestone arch was confirmed by Malta’s Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat on Twitter.

Inevitable Destiny!

The sinking feeling sinks even deeper knowing that along with the top part, the stacks of the Azure Window in Malta have gone too. In 2013, the government of Malta was warned by environmentalists and geologists that a “total collapse” is the inevitable destiny of the famous arch. However, nobody had an idea that something cruel like that would have happened so soon. During the time, the government conducted several legal measures to protect the bridge which was suffering erosion attacks. One of them was not allowing tourists and locals to cross the natural bridge in Gozo. The fine for breaking this rule was $1,600 (1,500 euro). Unfortunately, no human intervention could have saved the Azure Window in Malta.

before after Azure Window in Malta collapse 13

What Happened?

Geologist Peter Gatt informed the public that the limestone pillar which was supporting the arch could not stand the forces of nature. Powerful winds were creating raging sea across the Maltese Islands including the sensitive Azure Window on the island of Gozo. That combination was fatal for the beauty.

before after Azure Window in Malta collapse 14

Famous Level: Game Of Thrones!

As you may already know, this country was one of the favorite locations for the crew of Game Of Thrones. Sights of the Azure Window in Malta can be seen in the background when Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) said yes to Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) at their pretty violent Dothraki wedding. The Azure Window which is originally called Tieqa tad-Dwejra can be also seen as a backdrop in the 1981 movie “Clash of the Titans”.

before after Azure Window in Malta collapse 1

The Azure Window In Malta Will Always Be In Our Hearts!

Despite this tremendous loss the country experienced, you will not make a mistake if you visit the beautiful Maltese islands Gozo, Malta and Comino. They have numerous beaches, caves and bays at their disposal which are pretty as a picture. At last, let this natural disaster serve as an eye-opener to us that we must respect and take care of our surrounding, as one day it may be gone!

*As a tribute to the Azure Window, Malta will announce an international call for memorial ideas. Stay tuned for more info.

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