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From Bomb Test to Love Nest. Find Playa Del Amor If You Can – the Hidden Beach in Mexico!

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The place we are going to talk about today is not easy to find. Actually, it is impossible to find unless you see it from above (most probably if you are a bird) or if somebody else (like me) tells you about it. I am talking about a place Playa del Amor or Lovers’ Beach, which judging by its name, you can suppose that we are talking about a very romantic place. But, there is not a non-romantic beach. However, there is only one Hidden beach.

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Playa Del Amor – Hard to Find, but Even Harder to Leave

Playa del Amor, aka the Hidden Beach is situated on the Marietta Islands in Mexico. When you fly above this area or above these islands all you see is a vast green surface, or the trees. In the middle there is a circular opening which hides a spectacular place. This place is actually a wonderful surface of golden sand splashed by the waves of the Pacific Ocean. This place cannot be seen from another place, but from above.

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However, you reach it by swimming. In order to get here, first of course you have to get to Mexico. Then you find the guides that take by boat to a close tunnel. This a sea route of course and then you jump off the boat and swim through the tunnel. At first the tunnel looks a bit creepy; however, it is far less scary than those in horror movies. While swimming you may be accompanied by some friendly member of the wildlife, such as dolphin or a whale. When you reach the place, you shall reach paradise.

From Bomb Test to Love Nest – Here Is What Happened!

According to the legend, this Playa del Amor is a result of a bomb testing. Not entirely, of course. Naturally, nature has got to do something with it. Namely, right before the World War I, Mexico decided to try its new missiles, or, at the time known as bomb, to see whether they function as they should or not. So this testing was performed on the uninhabited Marietta Islands where one of the bombs dropped and created the crater.

However, it is obvious that the beach existed even before the bomb fell, but it was situated in a hollow cave covered by land and trees. In some way we should be grateful for the testing because if the bomb had not fallen, we would have never heard about this place where couples can cuddle and enjoy each other without being disturbed by the environment and the curious eyes, or, where famous people would get away from the paparazzi.

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Perfect Getaway from Reality!

The Hidden beach is not very good for romantic honeymoon, since the island is not inhabited. However, it is perfect for one-day getaway. And I assure you will come back. The place has everything, except population and who needs it anyway? In this small, but cozy beach for lovers you can find shade if your skin is susceptible to sun, and two steps further you can lie down and sunbathe if getting a tan is your priority.

Furthermore, you can swim and do every kind of water sport you find entertaining, or any other water-related activities such as kayaking. The water is crystal clear, the sky is clear with sparks of green due to the trees you cannot avoid seeing from below and the air is as fresh as it can be. So, if you are single then you will definitely fall in love with the beach, so do not miss it. If you happen to be taken, take your loved one to the perfect hiding place.

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