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Don’t Be Conventional! Try City Dash in London – the Best High-Energy Immersive Game!

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I am 100% sure that when visiting another city, tourists often do the usual: sightseeing, visiting most famous museums, cafes, galleries and so on and so forth. That is absolutely cool, but in London it becomes cooler. The thing called City Dash gives you an offer you cannot refuse. All these activities, but funnier, more interesting and more physically healthy. It is not a device; it is something that you look on your device. It is a game which is a combination of being Sherlock and running away from Zombie apocalypse.

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What, When, Why, Who?

I knew these are the questions you are going to ask. This game mainly takes place in Central London and your aim is to leave no stone unturned in four zones. What you actually do is be part of a team who runs along streets and sidewalks and everywhere and looks for signs, or traces, or cues. With this City Dash game you rush everywhere your maps tells you to and be ready to bump into people. That is the interacting part! Someone will give you THE LOOK, someone will give you a smile, and for someone who looks for an explanation you can always say that you are chased by a maniac or police officer. You make your own fun in the long run.

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Do Not Be Lame, Play the City Dash Game!

Fun and Run! When you have decided to be an atypical tourist you get the City Dash mobile app and then start the fun. The application offers you maps you should follow. Have in mind that on weekends the streets are emptier and you are not always led to run in those crowded places. However, there is also the possibility for you to find yourself in Greenwich, Soho and other most frequently visited places in London. As already said you should look for traces and clues and if you are good in the game, or advancing you will get new ones. City Dash is veeeeery interactive and is also good for you health.

However, if this sounds boring, you are also offered other games that are fun, exhilarating and you get to see the city. If you feel/or want to be Alice you got Escape from Wonderland, if you have your Romeo and want to be a Juliet, or vice versa, you can opt for the Love letters game. Finally, my personal favorite, apart from City Dash, is the one where you can feel like 007- that is the Undercover Evasion!

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Should I Stay or Should I Run?

Let’s go back to the City Dash again. The thing that you must know about the game is that there is a team which you hope will like you. You do not want to be the game pooper, right?! It takes team work, energy and of course good shoes. Girls, be sure that I would not choose someone with high heels in my team, nor would I be so audacious to wear a pair while running. The game has different difficulty levels. You can either choose the easier one, or you can choose more difficult that gets rather serious and includes high scores, guards, escapes, maps, teams, competition and a lot of excitement.

The price for the game is $12.5. However it can go up to $26 if you do not book your “seat” on time. It doesn’t get more expensive. So, when in London, you grab your most comfortable clothes and snickers and RUN TOURIST RUN!!

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