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New Universe Found in Amsterdam! Visit Electric Ladyland – the 1st Museum of Fluorescent Art!

Electric Ladyland Museum of Fluorescent Art Amsterdam

If you thought that Electric Ladyland is just the name of the last Jimmy Hendrix album, then you are gravely mistaken. It is also the name of a museum that you have never heard of, but hey, why we are here? Electric Ladyland is a Museum of fluorescent art that happens to be one of its kind and is in a place you might have visited, or, at least you certainly plan to visit. The place of social, emotional and psychological liberation- Amsterdam! It sounded dull to me as well, but it actually is faaaar better than most of the museums I have visited. Let me tell you something about this strange, but mind-blowing experience.

Electric Ladyland Museum of Fluorescent Art Amsterdam 3

Fluorescent Art – Can You Imagine Physics and Art Working Together?

Apparently fluorescence is electron displacement. That is all you could expect from me regarding physics. I am no Einstein. But, if you happen to be, or if you happen to be Picasso, or both, then you will probably find this fluorescent thing even more exhilarating. The Museum Electric Ladyland shows a different side of art. The objects, and whole sculptures exhibited in the museums are glowing in the dark, or, glowing under certain conditions, such as longwave and shortwave UV light. In this institution you get a practical demonstration of everything. For example some of the fluorescent minerals glow differently under different kinds of light, such as longwave and shortwave UV light, something called black light, white light. These minerals are collected from places from all over the world, from Mexico, through India and the Himalayans. The artefacts as well come from every part of the world. There are also huge and small, sculptures, objects, collage, prints and paintings! OMG the PAINTINGS! I am not much of a critic regarding paintings, but these are absolutely breathtaking (spoiler alert: The Volcano is something I would hang in my room). There are also fluorescent scripts! Imagine that! You see them in daylight, oh a scripture, good…..you see it under UV light, and you think silently, and that is today’s highlight!

Electric Ladyland Museum of Fluorescent Art Amsterdam 2

A Lot of -escences!

What do I mean by this?! I mean luminescence, triboluminescence, “nonlinear” fluorescence. These are actually different forms of illumination, or mineral’s or other objects’ properties that makes them shine in the dark. For example triboluminescence appears when you rub that mineral with a certain material and it glows. Maybe you will be the lucky one to pick a glow-in-the-dark mineral? Explanation needed? That is a mineral that glows even when all lights are out. Something like you when in your best mood. The exhibition also includes fluorescent art forms that are huge and tell different out-of-space tales. I will just mention some of them, “The land between Tick and Tock” or the dimension that is has no time and no place; “The Fire of creation” or the fire that produces sparks that produce life and “The Magic Land of Lights, Sounds and Dimensions” which I am not even going to try to describe. You must see it and feel it yourself. A real light show! This concept of fluorescent art is not some nonsense, but, actually, it is probably the only art with common sense. It is the most intelligent and scientific art form that I have ever heard of. So, when you are in Amsterdam, do not make the mistake of not visiting this shiny institution. It is near the Ann Frank house and it costs only $5.50. There is no place on Earth that for five and a half dollars will take you to another dimension. Ups, not dimension, a meant another parallel universe!


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  1. Cool blog. I’ve been thinking about heading to Amsterdam, but I have so many trips lined up for 2017, I just have to push it out. I’ll certainly be stopping by here when I do.

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