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Brave Enough to Take a Ghost Tour? Prague, Philadelphia & 120,000 Souls Are Waiting! LOL

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Finally, I found an appropriate use of LOL, but now that acronym is out-of-fashion. Dash-dot-dash. However, that doesn’t mean that we are not following the trends that are kicking this tourist season. Each and every city tries to stand out of the crowd with the most creative tours, packages, restaurants, bars and hotels. You know that boring museums are not our cup of tea while on journey. Therefore I wanted to suggest you a pretty unique experience for the next Friday the 13th. Watching the movies all over again sounds boring enough. Maybe on the date, you will have an option to go on an interesting theme party in the city. But as you know, we at Travel Fun ETC would rather move away from the city and go to Pennsylvania or Czech Republic – the countries that run spooky ghost tour for tourists who believe in paranormal.

45% of Americans believe in ghosts

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The number of creepy stories and the level of fright on these tours varies between countries. The price is overall the same – $20-$40. The duration of any ghost tour lasts 90 minutes and the locations are usually abandoned buildings, undergrounds, haunted houses, dungeons, etc. However, as I said, each place has a different scary story to tell, the guides are varying from very kind and informative to drama queens, but is up to you to choose where. We also found some videos!

Prague Is Always Ready to Welcome the Bravest Guests!

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The Old Town in Prague is wonderful throughout the day, but over night it becomes quite spooky in some parts. Just as in the whole city, there is an extreme shape-shifting at the Old Town with the appearance of darkness. If you want to add ghosts during your sightseeing of the city at night, we suggest you the McGee’s Ghost Tours, for which you will have to pay $14-$16 (depending whether you are student or not). Professional tour guides who have passion for storytelling and are experts in the field will share with you the most terrifying tales that really happened in Prague. There are 4 tours to choose from in different parts of the city:

1. Prague Castle – as the night falls the group visits the Old Town Square, across the river Vltava and walks to the Prague Castle. During the tour you will hear the darkest parts of the Castle’s history.

2. Ghosts & Legends of Old Town – with this tour you will say hello to the craziest people that marked the dark history of Prague. You will visit the strangest and most frightening parts of the Old Town which are full of intrigue.

3. Underground Walk by Lamplight – that sounds scary already. With this tour you will visit the underground of the Old Town Hall. Right beneath the Astronomical Clock, there is a path that unveils several torture rooms and prison cells, each with one scary ghost story.

4. Mental Asylum Graveyard Tour – this tour lasts the longest in comparison with the previous three as the walk takes around 75 minutes. It happens outside of Prague and the story starts backwards. First, you will visit an old mental institution and afterwards the cemetery where the mentally ill patients were being buried. This ultimate-scary tour costs $42 and on top of everything you will have the chance to conduct a paranormal investigation.

How about a Ghost Tour in a Haunted Ship in Philadelphia, PA?

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The “Ghost Tour of Philadelphia” is another group of enthusiasts who believe in paranormal and brings history back to life. The location is Center City, Chestnut Street & S 5th Street and there are also 4 unique tours for each taste. You will have the opportunity to visit the haunted houses, dark streets, secret gardens and the USS Olympia ship which is constantly being checked out by professional ghost hunters.

1. Candlelight Walking Tour – on this walk you will discover why Philadelphia holds the title as the most haunted city in America. The tour lasts from 75 to 90 minutes. It includes a candlelight walk along the dark streets and mysterious gardens of Independence Park, Old City and Society Hill.

Price: $17 per person ($15 online ticket)

2. Tour of the Ghost Ship – just like the movie. With this tour you can step aboard the legendary USS Olympia which is believed that is haunted by ghosts. The most famous one responds to the name “Gunner” Johnson. According to the experts, he usually appears on the spot. You will also visit every other part of the ship such as the captain’s cabins, the sick bay, etc.

Price: $19 per person

3. Visit of a Haunted Mansion – this will never die. Haunted houses are always a good idea if you want to know what creepy actually means. For over 7 decades there are numbers of reports for paranormal activities in these old mansions placed in Society Hill. The tour starts outside and ends up indoors.

Price: $22 per person

4. Unique Events – by following Ghost Tour of Philadelphia, PA you can get constantly informed about the special events that this team runs. They create different ghost tours for days such as Valentine, New Years’ eve, etc. You can also join the ghost hunting in Brinton Lodge. The tickets become more expensive as the date gets closer.

Price for Brinton Lodge ghost tour: $20 per person

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