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Go Pro or Don’t Go at All… Poor Dad Makes the Most Hilarious GoPro Fail Ever!

gopro fail dad irishman las vegas camera

Englishman in New York has its modern version now. It is not quite a song, it is more of an unintentional video, but it is worth the fame. There is also difference in the text. While this Englishman feels lost and lonely in New York, the Irish tourist is not at all lost, nor feels bad in Las Vegas. And who would! It is Las Vegas after all! As every tourist, this tourist as well is equipped with camera to capture all the beautiful places and things, and adventures. And it is a rather good equipment, it is a GoPro camera given by the son so that the dad, aka the tourist could bring home the story of Las Vegas that his eyes have seen. But something went wrong. What he really brought home is the longest GoPro fail video of him seeing and wondering the city. Apparently, the dad was not very much familiar with the device which obviously was pointed in the wrong direction.

gopro fail dad irishman las vegas camera 2

Where is Las Vegas?

If you see the GoPro recordings you will never know. This tourist took the selfies to a completely higher level. I actually thing that this is the longest selfie video up to now. GoPro fail at its best… First, you see the Irish tourist in the room, describing the view in front of the camera which is supposed to actually show us the view, then you see him strolling down the street saying where he is at the moment, even though, having in mind that we are talking about a GoPro, we should have been able to see the best possible image of the places he visited. Instead, we got all the possible angles of this tourist. Left side, right side, central, up, down, rear, every possible aspect. I cannot reject the fact that the video is of the highest quality.

gopro fail dad irishman las vegas camera 4

This GoPro Fail Video Captured Drama at the Station!

This information about the wrong usage of the GoPro camera by this tourist inevitably made him celebrity. It is rather cute to see how he explains the places he visits and the way he talks to the personnel, or with other people. There is even a soundtrack when he walks down the streets. However, the descriptions he gives are very journalist-like. He describes what is happening at the moment in the place that he is visiting. There was of even an introductory room moment. At the end of the day, you can see some things. You can see part of the Bellagio from the inside and let’s be honest; it is not a place that is very affordable. The cutest moment of all is the way he thinks out loud and acting like a star in a reality show. Recoding himself, talking to himself… He even does some sort of acrobatics with the camera, particularly at the station when the he shakes the camera. There are several such moments of action. Even though the aim of the camera is totally missed, this moment is cute. Some find it extremely funny.

Now We Must Teach Our Parents!

The popularity of the video teaches a good lesson to all of us who live in the modern era of technological progress. The son should have been aware of the age gap between his father and him and should have given some instructions to the father how he should use the camera. Or, maybe sometimes you just skip a little unimportant detail and have such videos in the home video collection. This kind of crazy parents rule! On the other side, imagine if it has been someone younger and aware of the functioning of the camera. That would be another epic GoPro fail1 If you have any feel free to share them with us.


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  1. Don’t get annoyed by parents asking you ‘stupid’ tech advice you think they should know easily. These are the people who taught you how to use a spoon 😀

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