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Your Phobia of Heights Will Disappear When You Hear about the Skylodge Adventure Suites! WOW!

skylodge adventure suites hotel peru

Naturally, when somebody wants to visit some place or travel for several days, one has to think about the lodging. The car is always an option, but it is rather impractical. Nevertheless, today, on our menu we have a perfect Peruvian lodging. I think that there is nobody in this world who would not like to visit Peru (and if there is, shame on you) which is the cradle of Inca civilization, a place of immense cultural and historical value. However, when you set your routе towards Machu Picchu, you MUST find time to go to the nearby Skylodge Adventure Suites.

skylodge adventure suites hotel peru 3

Going up the Skylodge Adventure Suites!

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard right! You go up! It is not named SKYlodge for nothing! When you arrive to the Sacred Valley which is surrounded by mountains, among which the Andes, you can see a via ferrata which you must pass if you want to go to the hotel. For those who are not informed, via ferrata is a mountainous, … no, it is a rocky way you must climb so you can reach your destination, which, in this case is the Skylodge Adventure Suites.

You don’t have to be a professional rock climber to get there. You just need a healthy heart (since it is rather high), good equipment and eagerness for exhilarating ventures. So, you climb the stairs-like rungs, while you are secured with rope, and you go up, walk on narrow rocky paths, then go up again until you reach your room. It is not desirable to look down, but it is highly recommendable to look around, when possible, of course, and see the captivating view surrounding you.

skylodge adventure suites hotel peru 2

Living on the Edge!

Maybe you have understood by now that we are not talking about a normal, standard hotel. We are talking about rooms hanging from the cliffs. No parking, no reception, only rooms. When you get to your room, you actually get to something similar to a part of a Star Wars shuttle, and small cabins completely made of glass. They look small, but they are flawlessly comfortable and offer you everything you need. We must not ignore the fact that your room, which is hanging in the middle of the rocky mountains, offers unexpected luxury. Even though they are made of glass, the suits are absolutely intimate; you have curtains so that your neighbors do not get the chance to observe your activities.

Skylodge adventure suites hotel Peru 5

At Skylodge Adventure Suites, you also have bathroom, chairs and full bed and breakfast. A waiter from the foot of the mountain climbs up and brings you a perfect, full course dinner. You have appetizers, main course and desert. I honestly don’t know how this guy did not spill the soup, nor ruined the perfectly shaped dessert! And then, the next day, when you wake up, you not only feel fresh and relaxed, but your eyes are ingesting that I-don’t-wanna-blink view that you literally do not want to leave the room. Imagine what the view is like if you happen to wake up at dawn, or sunrise!

Don’t try, you can’t imagine something like that, you just have to see it. In the morning you have breakfast at a wonderful plateau (also hanging from the mountains) and get to socialize with the other guests. The food, having in mind that is brought from far under, is unexpectedly tasty.

Skylodge adventure suites hotel Peru 7

Going Down! No, No, Sliding Down!

All good things come to an end and so does this one. The time will come when you have to leave the place and go down the mountains. And don’t even think that you are now descending the same rungs. No, no, no! You are sliding! You actually go from one to another (total number of four) checkpoint and from the Skylodge Adventure Suites to the valley you travel by zip-line. Most of them are blood boiling lines, because they are rather fast and high of course. But, then, you feel the fresh air blowing into your face, and your heart is beating with happiness.

All of these zip-lines are passed through with experienced people who give you equipment, secure you with ropes and tell you what to do. This state-of-the art, therapeutic place located in the Sacred Valley is really a sacred place for people who like to escape the ordinary, and people who are not suffering acrophobia. I think that you will get the grasp on how cool this place is when I tell you that it is more difficult to book a room there, than to climb to one.

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