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Knock Knock Knockin’ on Hell’s Door… The Number 1 Attraction in Derweze, Turkmenistan!

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No, no, no, I am not going to recite a song here, it is Bob Dylan’s job! I am going to talk about a REAL Hell’s door. The one that maybe Dante knew about a long time ago. Or maybe not. Since we will never find out, I am going to get practical and talk about a rather chilling, but astonishing place. So, in Turkmenistan – a country far, far away there is a desert called Karakum located near the small village Derweze. Well, in this desert, there is a Door to Hell, or Crater of Hell, or Gate to Hell… Call it what you like, but keep the hell thing, because it is rather creepy and scary.

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To All Oil Diggers – the Hell’s Door in Derweze Says Thanks!

Ok, so I will start from the beginning because, believe me this is not nonsense. The Hell’s Door, commonly known as Derweze Crater is not a usual crater. I mean it is not a volcanic crater that goes on and off whenever it feels like. It is an accidentally created natural curiosity. Some decades ago, some people went to this desert looking for, of course, oil. They performed all their examinations and stuff like that and decided that It is a potential money maker so they put the machinery, pumps and things and started to pump oil! As if! Remember, nature always fools you, you do not fool nature!

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So, the site crashed downwards and now Turkmenistan has one of the most mysterious tourist attractions. Now, it is the only bright spot in the desert. It is constantly on fire, because, as It turned out, there was no oil, there was natural gas instead. Good for us, who do not plan on getting rich on oil, but getting rich on experiences and spine-tingling moments. That means that you can visit this Hell’s door and see for yourself how miraculously hellish it really is.

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If you want to visit it, then you should know that there are tours organized, and you get to sleep in a tent which is not of course in the crater, but it is about 32 or 40 feet further. Then you can walk to it; take a picture, lean a little bit to satisfy your curiosity to see what is in there. Do not, I repeat, do not, go in there! In case Lucifer is there, I do not want to be the one who sold you to the devil.

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Hell Is Not All about Death!

When you see it from far away this crater looks like it is an open whole that leads to the Earth’s core. Or like some witches’ cauldron. Or like boiling lava. When you go near, you just see little islands of sparks scattered all over the concave hole. It emits a bit of a strange sound, like a propeller, or like boiling water. In the dark, the sight of this crater is magnificent.

The crater in Derweze, Turkmenistan is 20 feet deep and only 200 feet of its whole surface is covered with little hot dots. It has a diameter of 230 feet which means that there is enough room for you and your friends to gather around it and perform a ritual. Or you can just take photos. Some time ago an explorer went inside (with special inflammable suit and appropriate equipment) and got some samples from the soils inside, and it turned out that there are some living bacteria there. We are going to wait for more information; maybe Hell’s door in Derweze, Turkmenistan will turn out to be the life of the party on the Earth. I think that this is one of the rarest things that nature and men have done together and turned out fine. So, take your camera and your next direction is on the highway to hell!

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