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Get Dirty & Happy At The HOLI Festival of Colors This Month! We Have All The Details & Tips!

We have all seen photos on the Internet and started daydreaming about it for days and days. But now, it is the right time for dreams to come true.

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The Roots of the “Modern” Holi Festival of Colors

The Holi Festival of Colors is a music event enriched with electro sounds that the world cities started organizing few years ago. The festival gained its inspiration by the traditional Hindu Festival Holi. The followers of Hinduism are the ones who cherish this original tradition of coloring person’s cheek with a special color powder named gulal. This magical moment occurs in the beginning of March as a celebration of love, friendship, social harmony, arrival of the spring, end of the winter. The roots lay in India and Nepal, as the main countries where the majority of Hindus live and bring colors to their life through Holi. The whole happening is also taken as a great opportunity to forgive and forget, laugh with friends, repair broken relationships, travel, fun, etc.

Holi Festival Of Colors India Europe USA Achal Mishra
Photo Credits: Achal Mishra

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In Europe, Berlin was the city that broke the ice by bringing in the spirit of Holi on 29th of June, 2012, while in the USA, the Holi Festival of Colors made its first visit in the vibrant city of Miami on November 30th, 2013.

5 Best Tips For Attending Holi Festival Of Colors

  1. Play safe and don’t throw colors hard, close and directly into mouth and eyes.
  2. Entrance security usually confiscates outside colors. However, if you have a choice, then the best option is to play with colors made of natural ingredients.
  3. If you want to protect your hair, make sure you apply some oil beforehand so that color doesn’t stick. You can also cover your hair with caps or hats. It is also recommended to apply some cream on the face, before and after the play. Protect your eyes all the time!
  4. Don’t ruin the party by throwing the colors before the countdown ends.
  5. Don’t wear your favorite clothes. The majority of colors cannot be easily removed.


2017 Holi Festival of Colors Events

Apart from the fact that a photo of you being at the Holi Festival of colors will get you tons of likes (LOL), there is no doubt that this is something you will remember forever. The energy of the people and the spirit of Holi cannot be described unless you attend the event one day. This year it will be held in the next cities:


Paris, France – 10th of March, 2017. As a city where couples update their relationship status, Paris seems like a great place for the Holi Festival of colors. To see the FB event, follow this link.
London, United Kingdom – 29th of July, 2017. For more details, visit this link.


– traditional Holi festival in Barsana, India – 12th of March, 2017


– Los Angeles, CA – 11th of March, 2017
– Las Vegas, NV – 15th of April, 2017
– Oceanside, CA – 6th of May, 2017
– San Fernando Valley, CA – 13th of May, 2017

For more details about the Holi Festival of colors in the USA, visit the official website.

Hope you check Holi off your bucket list as soon as possible.

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