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Jacob’s Well Doesn’t Ask for Coins! Dare to Jump into the Most Dangerous Diving Spot in the World?!

jacobs well texas dangerous diving

I am sure that you have heard a lot about Texas, but I am not that convinced that you’ve hear about Jacob’s well which is in Texas. I know that you might think what can a well offer? A lot, particularly because this one is not one of those wells that ask for coins you should throw for a wish to come true. This well is actually a wish come true and since it is a place that you should know, or better, you should put on your bucket list, it is time to do dangerous diving in some crazy well adventure.

jacobs well texas dangerous diving 5

Perfect for Those with Fins!

If you are a gold fish, dolphin, sea animal, piranha, mermaid or whatever creature with fins and gills than you will find these well unbelievably well. If you happen to be just an ordinary human being then you should know that this famous tourist attraction is situated in Texas and offers light entertainment, and crazy adventure. You choose! Jacob’s well is with an oval form and is of variable depth, meaning that there are some corridors that are up to 4,500 feet deep. And did I mention that this well is practically a cave? Well, now you know! To be honest, on the outside it looks like a small swamp, and may not seem very attractive, even though the water is exceptionally clear. On the inside, it looks like, well, the large huge internal part of the oral cavity of the whale in Pinocchio. No teeth of course. It is a bit rocky and a bit more claustrophobic. However the drill going down is amazing.


Stay on Surface or Face Down?

It doesn’t matter what kind of tourist you are, the Jacob’s well is fun for everyone! If you have weak heart, or you are not that of a swimmer, or you happen to be lazy that day, then you can swim on the surface and watch other people do the JUMP! You can of course close your mouth and nose kneel down, open your eyes and you will see others how do dangerous diving into the deep. On the other hand, if you are an adrenaline seeking kind of a person then it is good to know that you can dive into the cave as deep as your lung capacity allows. All you have to do is climb on the rock (it is not extremely high, no need, the well is deep enough) and jump. It is also ok to climb on the rock and decide not to jump. However, if you do that you are going to be welcomed by a tunnel-like rocky cave filled with clean water. The deeper you go, the more beautiful it becomes. The view will take your breath away. Literally. If you try to reach the bottom without proper equipment.

jacobs well texas dangerous diving 2

Parental Advisory! Dangerous Diving!

Jacob’s well can be a bit creepy as well. The further you go, the darker it becomes. If you are not experienced and you haven’t done any dangerous diving before, it would be rather reckless to go thought the tunnels. Furthermore, at the end of the well, there is spring and the water flow can be strong and pushy. We don’t like pushy! And we do not play with water! Neither should you! However, if you have proper equipment or you happen to be professional or semi- professional diver, then Jacob’s well is perfect for exploring. You can also subscribe in the nearest diving association and then do the whole thing properly. So, until you get the time to visit it just remember one thing, Jacob’s well is not just well, it is THE BEST!

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