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The Seattle Bubble Gum Wall Is Alive Again after the Thorough Cleaning! Long Live the Germs!

Seattle Bubble Gum Wall

If you plan to visit Seattle because it is the birth place of Jimi Hendrix, forget about it. His childhood home where he first discovered music was torn down by the authorities a long time ago, because the new owner failed to meet some aesthetic requirements. Now that’s sad. However, the largest city in the state of Washington has loads of other things to offer. Some people may also retrieve you from visiting Seattle by saying that the weather is bad and rainy. But, according to the facts, it rains less there than in New York and Chicago city. Plus it has interesting must-see places, as for example the famous Bubble Gum Wall – artistic and disgusting at the same time -, located under the Pike Place Market.

Seattle Bubble Gum Wall 2

Is This the Germiest Place in the World?

Well, the answer is no! The Bubble Gum Wall in Seattle is actually the second germiest place in the world. The adjective the most goes to the Blarney Stone in Ireland, where tourists support the local belief that if you kiss the stone you will be rewarded with skills at flattery. A perfect place to send your ex at, right? However, it is a quite different motive in comparison with the Gum Wall in Seattle, where everyone goes just to take a good photo for Instagram.

Seattle Bubble Gum WallSeattle Bubble Gum Wall 7

If Seattle is too far from your place, you can experience the same thing at the Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, California. However, the Bubble Gum Wall in Seattle is older and it exists from 1993, it is placed in Post Alley under the oldest public farmers’ market in the U.S. – the Pike Place Market.

Who Stuck the First Gum in the Wall?

The tradition began when supporters of the improvisation theater group called Unexpected Production started stacking gums with coins to the wall. Afterwards, workers decided to remove the gums twice, but there were no results, because the tech geeks were still growing up at that time. Six years later, the market authorities decided to appoint the Gum Wall as a tourist attraction and since then, every single tourist in the city visits the wall, sticks a gum in it and takes a photo. After 20 years of constant enrichment of the wall with millions of gums and germs, the city decided that it was about time to get it clean.

Bye, Bye DNA from All over the World!

The deep cleaning of the Gum Wall happened on 10th November, 2015 in order to prevent further erosion of the bricks. It took three days to remove 2,350 pounds of gum off the wall. However, the next day people started re-adding new gums. Among the firsts, were the artistic gum works that showed support for the victims of the Paris attacks.

Seattle Bubble Gum Wall 4

How Does the Bubble Gum Wall Look Today?

Just as it was in its best days. Slowly, but surely, the Bubble Gum Wall in Seattle got its full glory like before. You don’t have to wait some time in order to sense the artistic surrounding that occurs around this 15 feet high and 50 feet long wall. While visiting, you may also catch a wedding photo session on the Wall or even a film set as it was the case in the 2009 movie “Love Happens” where the main star Jennifer Aniston had a scene on the wall. Anyway, it is an amazing site and experience and it brings people together in one spot. Gross or awesome tourist attraction, the Gum Wall in Seattle is definitely a unique, yet simple as sticking gum to a wall for all different reasons.

Seattle Bubble Gum Wall 5

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