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Forget about Your Ex! The Real Snake Massage Happens on the Philippines!

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The title might be provocative, but let’s be honest… Each and every one of us had an unpleasant experience when it comes to snakes and relationships. Although these two words sound weird in one sentence (unless we are talking about the legendary Steve Irwin) if you go to the Philippines you might get used to it. As odd it may sound, the visitors of the Cedu Zoo have a really unique chance to get pretty intimate with giant Burmese pythons. Yup, that’s right! In contrary with women (well, the normal ones), at the Philippines you can enjoy an exotic snake massage with not one but four colossal snakes who believe it or not must eat 10 chickens before meeting you.

If you ask me, that’s a fair game, having in mind that these big, massive, gigantic, enormous and fat pythons (thank you Thesaurus) represent the second largest species of snakes in the World. Their biggest queen weights 403 lbs and the minimum length of an adult Burmese python is 7.7 ft.

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Still Interested?! Ok, You Are Nuts! Here Is the Location!

Although this zoo has a pretty creative approach to its visitors, its name comes from the City of Cedu which happens to be the capital city of a province with the same name. Duh! It is the “second” largest city of the island country and I bet it is the first one in the World that offers this kind of massage. According to the locals, tourists have big struggles finding the exact location of the Cedu Zoo. It seems like Google doesn’t know the name of the street that leads to this Slytherin House. Therefore, if you are really interested in visiting the Cedu Zoo where you can experience this popular snake massage, follow this link where you can get precise directions with maps and photos.

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The Snake Massage Costs Nothing!

According to the reviews of the visitors, the main assets the Cedu Zoo has are the interaction with animals and the helpful staff who knows the animals well and speaks excellent English. The entrance fee costs less than a dollar – around $0.50. There are also no restaurants and food stands within the Zoo, so you better buy some snacks beforehand. Regarding the treatment, four animal keepers will help you engage with the Burmese pythons who will start crawling on you right after you lay on the Bamboo tree bed. If you start, there is no escape from the snake massage as the pythons’ total weight of 550 lbs will keep you glued on the reeds. The treatment lasts 15 minutes and is said that the slithering motions help you feel calmer and more relaxed. Yeah right. Let the video below convince you in that. What do you think?!

Snake Massage Philippines 1

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