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Top 5 Airbnb Contests That We Also Regret Skipping! What Is Your Favorite?

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The room-to-rent website Airbnb continues to make its customers happy by following the trend of experience based holidays. Since the first ever contest in August, 2015, the company managed to organize 13 so-called “Night at” Airbnb contests. Each month, members get the chance to experience the night of their life in the most unique way possible by staying at unconventional places. From all 13 free sleepovers given away so far, we picked the best 5 that we also regret not having won.

A Night at Abbey Road Studios! Top 5 Airbnb Contests!

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Ah London… The home of the Queen that looks just like that. A real-life fairytale. Each corner of it is literally precious, especially when you realize that even one crossing road in London is more popular than you. And that is where Airbnb has hidden the prize for its latest contest – The Abbey Road Studios. What was so special about this contest was that the “Uptown Funk” creator Mark Ronson had the role as a host. Winners had the privilege to sleep in the Beatles’ favorite recording studio where nearly 50 years ago Joko Ono and John Lennon have spent the nights together. The name and the cover photo of the album “Abbey Road” tell a lot about the affection the Beatles had for the place.

abbey road studios top 5 airbnb contests 1

Funny house rule: “Must answer the phone saying: Hello, it’s me!”

Snoring at 9,000 Feet in the Air! Top 5 Airbnb Contests!

ski resort courchlevel france top 5 airbnb contests 1

Now this contest attracted the bravest travelers around the world. Spending the night in an apartment that hangs 9,000 feet above the ground sounds crazy enough right? Something you would not recommend to the faint-hearted, as they might not even blink during the stay. This special sleepover at the popular ski resort Courchlevel, France was won by four friends from the United Kingdom. They were suited in a cable car that was fully transformed into a luxurious two-bedroom apartment with a spectacular view at the top of Saulire.

Funny house rule: “Please, do not call asking for more ice!”

Sharks Instead of Teddy-Bears! Top 5 Airbnb Contests!

Although here you can’t hug them. The next best unconventional bedroom that was part of the Airbnb initiative Night at, was placed inside a 32-feet deep shark aquarium. Three guests from Asia, America and Europe shared a night in this underwater bedroom where they have counted sharks instead of sheep. The 360 degree transparent wall was actually the only thing separating the neighbors. Watching Jaws before sleeping was not recommended and winners were also not allowed to take selfies after dark. You know, sharks are light-sensitive and nobody wants angry neighbors. The sleepover took place in the Aquarium de Paris and the world-record breaking free-diver Fred Buyle was the host. Through several dance performances he introduced the sharks to the lucky guests.

Funny house rule: “No sleep walking, or night swimming!”

Floating at the Great Barrier Reef! Top 5 Airbnb Contests!

top 5 airbnb contests great barrier reef 2

All fans of “Finding Nemo” were taken aback when they found out that Airbnb offers a free stay at the exact place where the movie was set. It would be weird if you won this contest and you are not fan of the movie, but you don’t actually need that in order to count the stars on this magnificent floating bedroom. This room was actually surrounded by one of Australia’s greatest treasures – The Great Barrier Reef that just passed away this year. The place served as a home for enthusiastic snorkelers and scuba divers who enjoyed the rich world beneath the clean turquoise water of the Coral Sea. The variety of water animals that were living in the 25 million years old Coral Reef system off the coast of Queensland is just enormous.

top 5 airbnb contests great barrier reef 1

In June, 2016 a family of three was lucky enough to win one of the last “Finding Nemo” experiences guided by a host who has spent most of his childhood right there.

Funny house rule: “Speak like a whale!”

80 y/o Chicago Bulls Fan Made Her Dream Come True! Top 5 Airbnb Contests!

We won’t mind if you are Celtics or Pistons fan, but you have to admit that spending the night at the home stadium of your team is a dream come true. And sometimes for dreams to become a reality you need patience like this 80 year old lady named Virginia who happens to be a passionate fan of the basketball team since the 60s. Nominated by her niece, this lovely lady had the chance to have a sleepover at the United Center where her host was the six-time champion Scottie Pippen. With no technical fouls as a house “rule”, Virginia said the day after that she didn’t even sleep because of excitement. Now that’s a true fan.

Funny house rule: “No dunking on Scottie Pippen!”

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