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Today’s Reality: Fake Friends, Fake Love & Stunning Fake Beaches! Here Is the Top 5 List!

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Of course we don’t have the top 5 list of your fake relationships, but I bet you can name by yourself the fake smiles present in your everyday life. That is actually a reason plus to escape the reality by visiting some interesting places around the world. We continue our journey to discover the less known tourist attractions which are equally impressive as the ones where the queues are long. This time the choice fells upon the most stunning fake beaches on our Planet that bring the summer back in the city.

sun city johannesburg south africa top 5 fake beaches 3

• Siloso Beach, Sentosa, Singapore – Top 5 Fake Beaches

One of the most popular island resorts in the Lion city has plenty of things and experiences to offer. You can either visit the 4D Adventureland and watch immersive 4D movies where you are part of the game, or you can climb on the top of the tallest tower in Singapore, The Tiger Sky Tower. There you can enjoy the devastating view on 430 feet above sea level. And because we are here for some water fun, don’t regret your trip for not visiting one of the best fake beaches in the World. The Siloso Beach in Sentosa is one lovely spot with plenty of bars and restaurants for your entertainment. You can also take a Segway tour around this man-made miracle.

siloso beach sentosa singapore top 5 fake beaches

Recent visitors say that the water is sometimes not inviting and dirty. However, the majority has voted the Siloso Beach as an amazing fake beach where you can relax with few drinks while sitting in the sun.

• Artificial Beach, Malé, Maldives – Top 5 Fake Beaches

Of course that Maldives are on this list. Besides the brilliant turquoise color of the ocean and the cute bungalows, the number one honeymoon place has also an artificial beach in the capital city Malé. Unlike the other fake beaches, this one has strict rules regarding clothing. Bikini and swimwear are not allowed as it is a public beach and the national religion is Sunni Islam. Therefore the Malé beach is great for a quick dip while walking around the city which unfortunately wasn’t blessed with natural sand beaches. Moreover, the Malé beach is artificial in ways you won’t imagine. You can watch huge waves crash in to the entrance and then everything goes placid like before. Weird and interesting, but it offers lots of fun to the kids.

male maldives top 5 fake beaches

At last, on this beach you can see the landings and the take offs of the aircrafts from Hulhule international airport. Looking at the sky is normally free of charge.

• Larvotto Beach, Monte Carlo, Monaco – Top 5 Fake Beaches

And how can the playground for rich and famous not have a man-made beach. Of course it does and because the Larvotto Beach is located right in the city centre, you must expect crowded spots. The beach is surrounded by a line of elite restaurants and bars and if you plan to go swimming, have in mind that only a piece of the bay is dedicated for that activity. The majority of tourists have a drink besides Larvotto Beach while watching the expensive yachts and sailboats crossing by. The general advice is to visit the place before 5PM as the sun goes behind the buildings.

• Sun City Johannesburg, South Africa – Top 5 Fake Beaches

The second largest city in Africa right after Cairo, Egypt is always ready to welcome craving gold-diggers. A significant proof of that is the rapid development of this young metropolis over the past 120 years. Johannesburg seems to represent the totally opposite side of South Africa with the latest man-made projects that define our limitless creativity. Therefore, a lot of superlatives can be associated with this city as it is the largest one not built on a coastline with the world’s biggest man-made forest. On top of that, you have the fake beach in the Sun City resort called Valley of Waves.

sun city johannesburg south africa top 5 fake beaches

It is a great family place with expensive drinks and thrilling water-sport activities to fulfill your free time and empty your pockets.

• Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – Top 5 Fake Beaches

In case you miss the hot sunny days and the smell of ocean during the winter days, Australia is always a solution. Specifically, you must visit the city of Brisbane. It is the 3rd largest city on the island located right between the Sunshine Coast (north) and Gold Coast (south). You will need around hour and a half with car to visit each of the coasts and enjoy the pure nature on the sandy beaches. But, if you don’t have the time you may enjoy at one of the best human-made beaches in the world. It is placed at South Bank across the Brisbane River from the Brisbane central business district (CBD).

brisbane queensland australia top 5 fake beaches 3

Clean, green and beautiful are the main adjectives that describe this fake beach enriched with chill vibes. Bring your own picnic if you want to save some money on food and drinks.


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  1. Some of the beaches are still very stunning and some with great views. I would love to visit the Maldives but probably closer to a real beach. Where some of them are located are great if your short on time or passing through and can still get a rest & sun for sure or for people who work nearby.

  2. I can tell they are fake beaches, but they still look great and I would be more than happy to relax on one on a warm sunny day. I like you have included videos on each beach so we can really get a feel for what they are like. My favourite fake beach is the one in the Maldives- mainly cos there doesn’t seem to many people there !

  3. Ok no matter if fake or not, the one in Singapore looks lovely. Although hard to imagine to ever find it that empty. Probably rather packed with people. Also prefer the nature over city beaches, but who doesn’t I guess 🙂

  4. Great title! Always prefer real beaches but sometimes its not a choice and the ones you show look incredible! Great shots

  5. Ouch..bitter truth..rather ugly truth.. we have come down to living a fake life and the irony of it.escaping the reality of a fake life heading to a fake beach 🙂

  6. Not a fan of any fake beaches but now that you listed them I know where not to go 🙂 Great job with giving an overview of each one. They are nice and wouldn’t mind one in my city where I am.

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