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Take Your Broom & Ride to a Witchcraft Museum! See The 5 Eeriest Halloween Attractions!

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Boooooo! It is the Halloween season! It is the time of the year where everyone puts a terrifyingly scary mask on and goes treat or treating. But, no need to pretend now, you can get off your masks. I know that treat or treating was very interesting some time ago, or a long time ago, and even though it is fun to have candies, I assure you it is rather scary having in mind the fact that you are facing those sometimes scarier-than-the-devil-itself faces who open the door. So instead of begging for a treat called a bar of candy, you should go to the places where the real thing happened. Get your broom and fly to a witchcraft museum for experiencing one hallowitched holiday. Here are the top 5 (dark) magic places where you can spend a weekend. Or two.

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5. Martinka– Magic Museum in Midland Park, NJ

This is not a standard museum; it is more of a shop with historical value. Let’s call it a spooky shopping mall. This place is magical merchandise coming directly from Germany. Martinka was first established in 1877 in Essen, Germany and after a while it was transferred to Midland Park, New York. Before placing the museum-shop in this building, there was also a magical place led by Houdini himself. So you can imagine the mystical energy this place is filled with.

martinka magic witchcraft museum halloween

Furthermore, in 1902 the Society of American Magicians was established just behind the doors of Martinka and yes, you can join of course, if you fulfill the criteria of being able to perform unnatural wonders. If you are just another ordinary human being with no unnatural powers you can still come to Martinka and look for a book and learn how to do it. You can also buy different cards, decors and other magic-related items that would help you advance from the just wanna-be-Harry-Potter point. Martinka has very well-developed auctioning network so you can buy, sell and get things delivered in your castle.

4. Musée De La Magie – Magic Museum in Paris, France

Don’t be fooled by the fact that this place is located in the romantic city of Paris, when it is just above the Marquise de Sade house. Yes, you should have chills from reading the name itself. The Musée de la Magie is situated in a cellar which is claustrophobic enough. Regardless, it is worth visiting. Not only does it have different and astonishing exhibits in the form of magical tools, images, and artifacts, it also offers you the possibility to see your colleagues in live performances. Yes, there you can visit shows of optical illusions, toys, magic shows and much more. I find the magic mirrors most fascinating. For a moment you can feel like the Evil Queen from Snow-white and ask the mirror a question. Oh, and if you are not well-situated, like the Malfoys let’s say, to pay for a prestigious wizzarding education you can come here and acquire your magical basic or advanced skills for only $21,90 or $87,60 respectively.

3. The Warren’s Occult – Witchcraft Museum in Monroe, CT

Now we are getting to the real thing. No more Hocus Pocus nascence. This witchcraft museum of magic or more precisely of occultism gets scary even by looking at its website. Weird things happen in this occult sanctuary. People who went there have reported seeing unusual things among which the movement of the shadow doll. However ghastly it may sound the place is rather educational. You can see the satanic idol, the raggedy Ann doll, the diabolic projection. Also, you can see Voodoo dolls, learn more than “abracadabra” death curses and see psychic photography. At last, you can also book an evening with Annabelle and I assure you there is nothing belle in Anna! Try not to get her mad! This evening contains of an educational program that includes the story of Annabelle, cursed objects and the conjuring mirror that is a tool for summoning spirits. If you go, pay attention whose spirit you are going to summon!

warren occult witchcraft museum halloween magic annabelle

2. Merchant’s House – Spooky Place in New York City

Just an ordinary house on 29 E 4th St., New York, but is it so? It is a house in which you enter with a mindset that you may encounter a 93 old lady who has been living there for 200 years. How nice! The legend says that people who have entered the house, or passed by it, have heard weird sounds, doors cracking, odd smells. The house belonged of the Tredwell family (there is always something wrong with these surnames containing a well-part) who lived here until the last and youngest member, Gertrude, died when she was 93. You can now visit the house that is filled with clothes of the family, furniture and there is even a wax figure of the lady. You can also subscribe to the candlelight ghost tour or some of the other programmers. If you hear, smell or feel something, it is probably nothing of importance because Gertrude died a long time ago. Or has she?

merchant house parlor magic-witchcraft museum halloween

1. The Witch Dungeon – Witchcraft Museum in Salem, MA

We reached the number one place of Halloween attractions where you will certainly break out in cold sweat. Salem. The place you either adore (your ancestors were sacrificed there) or you dread. This is a place where you can visit three witchcraft museums one of which is the Witch Dungeon the house placed in Salem, the place Satan chose to visit in 1692.

You go there and you learn the obsessed girls of Abigail and Betty, who used the “blame it on the neighbor” maxim to justify their strange behavior. As you enter the house you go back in that time, you see live performance of the women on trial who were accused of being witches doing dark magic. Dogs, men, women were punished by hanging in an energetic, eccentric and dreadful trial. If you love a bit of excitement and a real “afraid of your own shadow” Halloween spirit, you go witch! Don’t be tricked by a candy, go grasp this real treat – a visit in a witchcraft museum!

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