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Must Visit the Tree House Resort Finca Bellavista! I Would Climb Every Tree to Get Here!

The tree house resort Finca Bellavista

It does not matter if you are the adventurous or the conventional type, Finca Bellavista tree house resort is the place you are looking for this summer. And every other summer. It is a place where you are living high in the trees and spending time with very down to Earth people. It is a place where you relax and have a sensory overload at the same time.

The tree house resort Finca Bellavista 4

Tree House Resort Where You Go up & Don’t Wanna Get Down

When you go there you will see that the above stated sentence is not just an ordinary subtitle, but it is a fact. The resort offers fully equipped houses, with clean water and toilets, meaning that you do not climb off the tree house to get water from a well. The beds are protected from insects, electricity is installed, and you have everything you need. If you go down, that will be from another different reason, than to maintain your personal hygiene. You go down so that you play in the waterfalls like a little kid. Or dive in the small lakes with transparent water. Or to have some kind of adventurous hike and feel like Tarzan. Maybe meet Tarzan. Who knows?

The tree house resort Finca Bellavista 2

If you ask me I would not move from the balcony of the tree house resort. There is no place else where you can see so much green and no place else where you can relax your eyes. Believe me, in this modern, hectic, bound-to-the-computer lifestyle, the view is all that you need. On the balcony you can immerse in a new book, have a glass of wine with your partner or just stare at the vast green surface in front of you, breath the fresh air and hear the animals communicating with each other. I also must note that it is a perfect place for every occasion: crazy birthday party, romantic honeymoon, or maybe an anniversary gift.

It Is Not Just a Hotel, It Is a Whole Community!

Finca Bellavista tree house resort is a place where you walk on tight trails and you transport yourself via zip line. It is a mini town placed high in the trees. I am not kidding! It really is a town! Small, not that much inhabited and floating above the ground, but it is still a town. With its own citizens who love to live outside civilization and just use nature’s goods instead of working for income. This miraculous place is located in the rainforest in Costa Rica far away from the everyday life and more importantly from the everyday environment. As the name itself reveals it is a group of houses situated on trees and surrounded by unique flora and fauna. It may sound native, but it actually has everything you need (sofa, bed, fridge) and more (waterfalls, mountains and stress-free environment).

The tree house resort Finca Bellavista 5

Find Finca Bellavista, Find Yourself!

As the founders of the Finca Bellavista tree house resort say, it is not enough to just zip-line through the rainforest , the point is to expand your senses, to live in the forest, to feel the forest. This place gives you a unique possibility to experience the unknown and to still be able to do the fun stuff like surfing, hiking, sunbathing, swimming etc. The resort is a perfect destination for everyone, starting from observers and animal-lovers to adventure-seekers and adrenaline-hungry personalities. It is true that there is some skepticism in those that have not been there, but there is not a single point of regret in those that have visited the place. It definitely is the extra in extraordinary.

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