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Are Mermaids Legend? Weeki Wachee Springs’ Answer Is NO! See the Epic Little Mermaid Show!

weeki wachee springs little mermaid show

And rest assured Weeki Wachee Springs’ answer is correct! Weeki Wachee Springs is a tourist attraction located in Florida. It is mostly concentrated on exploring the water world. You can choose one of the cruises in the wild waters and see different kinds of fish, turtles and even alligators. Of course you have guides with you so do not worry. However these attractions with swimming and watching water animals play are present in other places as well. But, the thing that makes Weeki Wachee Springs a special place to visit is the Mermaid Theatre where a spectacular Little Mermaid Show takes place. Yeah, yeah, those half-human, half-fish mermaids. Oh, c’mon do not be skeptical, they do exist! And I will gladly tell you where to find them.

weeki wachee springs little mermaid show 3

Weeki Wachee’s Life Version of the Little Mermaid Show!

We all know about the Ariel, the little mermaid, Ursula, the witch and the quite handsome Eric. We have even seen them. On TV, animated. In the Weeki Wachee Springs you get to see the Little Mermaid Show live. Within the Mermaid Theater you get a sit in front of a screen with no pixels, but glass. On the other side of the glass you see mermaids being spectacular, as they usually are, slipping their fins in different colors and singing. You can hear the narrator introducing you to the story and then you are left to the mermaids who through songs and dances celebrate their birthdays, talk to their friends (fish and sea animals, of course) and fall in love. That is the case with the youngest of them all who, falls in love with a normal non-mermaid man, then goes to a witch whom she asks to help and, well you know the story. The drama goes above the water as well. I mean, mermaids wed underwater, but, hey Eric is a prince, and there is no such thing as fireworks underwater!

weeki wachee springs little mermaid show 4

You Finally Have to See It to Believe It!

Apart from stories like these, that we already know, the Weeki Wachee Springs offer much more than a story. They offer a real-life action. You can observe the full life of mermaids under the sea. They eat, and drink, and sleep, and sing underwater. They even do synchronized swimming dance which is rather spectacular. The background is not just a poster with underwater realistic pictures. It is absolutely different. The environment where these mermaids perform their everyday tasks is full with sea fish, turtles, rocks, seaweed and of course, a boat that had the similar fate of Titanic. Unlike those back in the history that haunted and drowned sailors, these mermaids are very friendly. If you do not believe me, then talk to one of them. Of course you can talk to them! They are not mute. In fact, their English is rather satisfactory. When they seat on a rock above the water, feel free to approach them and start a conversation. If you are a kid, or you happen to have a kid, this place is perfect for birthday and any other kind of celebration. I wish I had a mermaid filled birthday with spectacular Little Mermaid Show! But, since mermaids, as you may know, are extremely rare creatures who cannot be found and met randomly in the streets, you must make a rather humble contribution to support their life in Weeki Wachee Springs. The contribution for adults is 13 dollars, for kids are 8 dollars, while the kids under 5 do not make any contributions! If you ask me I would definitely contribute. Even though I am not a child, I do want to see these spectacular gifts of nature.

P.S. I share this with you so that you will share the place where they hide the unicorns!


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