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The Wisteria Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Garden in Japan Is the Tunnel That You Actually Want to Visit!

Wisteria Tunnel Kawachi Fuji Garden Japan

First of all it has nothing to do with Desperate Housewives. This is completely different Wisteria Lane or let us better say Wisteria Tunnel that is very much filled with believe it or not – wisteria. For those who are more into flowers let me amaze you by the fact that this beautiful plant actually comes from the pea family. Yeah, yeah, the same pea that you most certainly hated eating as a child and you probably still do. As for the tunnel, I know it sounds scary, because of all the horror movies filled with those horrible, dark and chilling tunnels.

wisteria tunnel kawachi fuji garden japan 4

You Do Not Drive through Wisteria Tunnel – You Enjoy in It!

This gorgeous place is part of the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan. That is near Tokyo if it make sense to you. OK, it is not that near, it is about a 4 or 5 hours’ drive, which I assure you, is absolutely worth it. It is located in a foot of a hill and it is about 100 m long. So you walk inside it, get relaxed, enlightened, and calm and one with the nature, and then it seems to you like you have been there only for half a minute and it is time to get out of it.

wisteria tunnel kawachi fuji garden japan 4

The Wisteria Tunnel is a pedestrian zone and be careful about not bumping into some unknown person because, rest assured, your eyes are going to be focused on the hanging wisterias. The roof of the tunnel is actually made of natural wisterias that are hanging downwards with their stunning small clusters of flowers. The most suitable time for visiting this place is in autumn or from April to the middle of May, or at the time when this flower blossoms. If you choose these visitation periods, then be prepared, the Wisteria Tunnel is bustling with people. The price is also variable, depending on whether you are going to visit at the blossoming period (about $9.60) or you are going to visit at any other time of the year (about $2.90).

Wisteria Tunnel Kawachi Fuji Garden Japan 1

Smell the Flowers, Feel the Flowers and Be the Flowers!

The Wisteria tunnel seems never-ending because of the big flowers hanging from above. They come in different colors such as, medium purple, patriarch, purple mountain majesty, amethyst, pearly purple, light medium orchid and white. In case you are a boy, the flowers have color of many shades of purple and white. The view is relaxing and the scent is very soothing. It is a kind of mixture between a rose, a freesia and something less strong than peonies. Walking through this Wisteria Tunnel is rather therapeutic. You become close to the nature and its healing effects. It is also very romantic. If I had to choose a wedding photo-shoot location it would definitely be this one. However, if you have not yet reached the stage of marrying you can come here with your loved one and just hold hands while enjoying this amorous spot on Earth.

Wisteria Tunnel Kawachi Fuji Garden Japan 3

When you come to the end of the tunnel, do not stop, you should go a bit further, a bit up the hill and turn back. You will see the roof of the tunnel. It means that you will see a colorful ocean filled with more than 20 species of wisterias. The whole garden is in front of you and this is one of the rare places where it is not possible to fit in. Just for a moment you will feel like Alice singing among the flowers. Bear in mind that wisteria is not omnipresent. The Oriental countries, particularly, China, India and Japan have the most favorable conditions for this plant, so you better get ready because you have a Wisteria Tunnel go through!


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  1. JAPONIA, ne surprinde cu frumusete, delicate aranjamente florale si nu numai.
    Urmaresc cu mare placere tot ce apare, din indiferent ce domeniu. Oamenii sunt corecti, ingeniosi, buni lucratori si din orice, cat de infim lucru, ei reusesc sa ,,dezvolte,,!
    Imi place mult, tot ce vad de la aceast ,, minunat rai,,!

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